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Bereavement Care Institute / Chaplaincy Training

Chaplaincy / bereavement care / pastoral care.

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Christian T-shirt Testimonytees fundraising

10 out of 10 stars (3 votes)

Absolutly NO up front money or pre-purchase req'd! Fun, easy & profitable Christian t-shirt fundraising program for youth groups & all Christian ministries. Quality wholesale!

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Church Letters for Pastors and Secretaries

Over 200 Church Letters on a variety of topics. Stewardship, Visitor Follow Up, Get Well, and more. Online Membership Available Too.

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College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy [Bah/Carib]

Clinical pastoral eduction in the bahamas began in 2006..

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Free Wooden Crosses

we make small wooden crosses for childrens activities. they come in 20 different colors of lanyards. we have sent them to all christian denominations..the lanyards are plastic lace and are safe for children to wear. we also make crosses for adults ministries. these come with black string lanyards. 5 are free+sh and above that they are 25 cents ea to help pay for the materials used . we only require they be used for christian activities and with reverence to christ.

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Pastoral Sabbatical Exchange

Facilitating pastoral exchanges for sabbatical or vacation.

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