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This lyrics site is dedicated to Christian Rock music. Here you'll find anything from Metal to Punk to Hardcore (Christcore) to Alternative Rock - you name it.
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Last Months Most Popular Bands
1. As I Lay Dying
2. Underoath
3. Relient K
4. Switchfoot
5. Anberlin
6. Thousand Foot Krutch
7. Haste The Day
8. mewithoutYou
9. Casting Crowns
10. Superchick
11. Showbread
12. Emery
13. Toby Mac
14. Demon Hunter
15. Project 86
16. Hawk Nelson
17. Jeremy Camp
18. Blindside
19. Kutless
20. David Crowder Band
21. Norma Jean
22. Skillet
23. Spoken
24. As Cities Burn
25. Dead Poetic
26. Pillar
27. Number One Gun
28. Kids In The Way
29. FM Static
30. Audio Adrenaline
31. Still Remains
32. Comeback Kid
33. Five Iron Frenzy
34. Falling Up
35. Zao
36. Seventh Day Slumber
37. Sanctus Real
38. Disciple
39. Flyleaf
40. The Chariot

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